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Motocross: fashion versus safety

Motocross is a hugely successful sport and grows rapidly each year in the UK according to the bods at the AMCA. It is a natural successor to those of an age who might have enjoyed BMX and provides natural graduation with an extra element of speed, agility, noise and excitement.

Open to all ages motocross has a loyal fan base and each one of these riders will testify to the importance of quality motocross clothing for both practicality and safety yet we still have to look the part – if the sport is cool, then we have to dress accordingly. Garish reds and striking yellows seem very popular these days.


An element of fashion comes into motocross and there are suppliers who cater for every conceivable taste – I’ve even seen motocross pyjamas. Some companies go at it like a high street fashion store but ultimately safety and comfort is a prime concern if riders are to go out riding week in, week out.

Equipment consists essentially of motocross goggles, boots, a motocross helmet, gloves and usually leathers. There are a plenty of other accessories all designed with safety in mind. Socks, gear bags, neck braces, jerseys, kidney belts, knee guards, torso supports, base layer underwear, head wraps, deflectors, elbow guards and rain or mud coats. Having guards and supports can be essential, especially if you are going up in class.

There are several companies that have a say in what we buy and a new player on the block is a company called moto41online. Run by former riders, they offer all the top brands and cater for all levels of rider but the choice is easy to compare for whatever you want in whatever colour. At the end of the day you want something that fits and is fit for purpose in making you safe in the event of falling off or having another rider come into you. Gear also has to be durable.

Get the look

The ‘look’ of a motocross bike rider is obviously important and everyone wants to look their best especially on race day. Looking good has a positive impact on the mindset and can be the difference between winning and losing. Therefore, great attention to detail can go into motocross sizing, colours, length and even material.

The Internet offers amazing access to information and choice so choosing a service that works for you is essential. If you have a race on Saturday and need new boots by Friday then check with the online retailer about that they can deliver what they promise. Even call them to ensure they know what they are taking about and if they are ex-riders (like moto41) then they can offer advice on the best equipment for you. Remember it’s the bike that’s the machine, not you, and we’re all different.

For beginners, it may be a good idea to research online and read reviews of products before buying. Like all quality sports equipment, motocross clothing can be expensive, but in terms of safety, it is an absolute necessity to get the right gear for you.  


Is motocross good for you?

Motocross is an exciting and physically demanding sport, which burns approximately 400 calories per hour. The strain of keeping the MX bike upright and in motion over tough and undulating terrain increases the heart rate, lowers blood pressure and improves strength. We’re feeling better already and forget about the burgers.

As the legs and arms are in constant use, it is an effective way to keeping fit even though you are classed as a sportsman and not an athlete. Motocross is not in the Olympics but this doesn’t mean you, as the rider, shouldn’t get as fit as you possibly can. I don’t remember seeing any overweight Tellytubbies winning the British Championship.

Like other high-octane sports, MX riding has a risk of injury. It comes with the territory as there is physical contact between rider and machinery at speeds touching 70-80mph. This combination makes the sport both thrilling but extremely risky.


Whilst you won’t get much deterioration of the joints and muscles through overuse like a runner, the sudden impact injuries are career threatening and reason for having all the right safety equipment before you set out on the bike. Motocross is like others sports – you have stay fit to get the best out of the sport.

Motocross does not have to be done as a sport. Evidence suggests many riders just enjoy the thrill of riding over rough ground without a hint of competition. Scrambling through muddy forests can be more fun than lining up against 15 other riders behind a start gate.

Motocross is also an excellent way to develop communication skills and learn to work effectively with other people like mechanics, riders and spectators. All riders would have started life in a club and this offers a variety of social events beyond just riding.

Get involved

Approximately 30,000 people in Britain have a motocross license and there are more than 100 clubs in the UK. The ability to ride comfortably and safely in a bunch of other riders is perhaps the essential skill of motocross racing. So a great place to start is by joining a club which regularly runs training rides on private and purpose built tracks.

Before taking to the course, it is essential to wear safety equipment such as a motocross helmet, gloves, goggles, boots and chest protector. Check out moto41 who are run by fans of the sport and offer great customer service who will makes sure you have all the right gear to ride as safely as possible.

For parents looking to get their children started in competitive racing, all clubs run a number of events for juniors of all ages visit the British Motocross Association website for more details.