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Motocross in the movies is good for business

Rarely can a sport hit the spotlight than appearing in a Hollywood blockbuster. For a high-octane sport like motocross (that isn’t even on the drop down list of BBC sports covered – when snooker and darts is for God’s sake) then getting coverage on the big screen in a big budget action epic is brilliant.


Not only does it showcase the sport but gives kids a taster to what is possible. The moto41 guys are talking about the film Charlie’s Angels – Full Throttle. Just how a ten-minute motocross scene got into the movie isn’t fully explained. It had nothing to do with the plot but we suspect the title (full throttle) may have meant the last minute addition to the script of a scene that had a throttle in it. And there is plenty of that.

In the past, the problem had been that the star of a film had to wear a motocross helmet and goggles and producers don’t want the star obscured – that’s the job of the stunt rider.

They overcame that in Angels with dazzling and fashionable goggles and ladylike helmets – not quite what is sold online at moto41 – but extreme close-ups where the beauties were easily recognisable and it just about manages to balance one with the other.

Anyway, the end result is a ten-minute motocross race that is full of high-flying stunts and improbable antics but it showed a little to an audience of millions around the world.

A few years ago Michael Douglas was in pursuit of the Yakuza in a movie called Black Rain but the bike and dirt played second fiddle to the helmetless actor. Vin Diesel also did the sport proud in a film called xXx (triple X). Again helmetless.

There are of course other motocross movies and have moto in the title – like Motocross Zombies from Hell, or Moto kids (where one of the competitors is a chimpanzee) but never even made straight thru to DVD.

There have been some magnificent documentaries on the sport and specialist production companies offer motocross races to watch over and over again but Hollywood and motocross are not at the same race.

What Angels did for once was give the sport worldwide platform that Red Bull or the British Championships could ever do. Red Bull does its best with the Elite Youth Cup but like every sport it needs its coverage to attract the new bloods.

If just one world champion comes into the sport having been thrilled by the antics of Cameron Diaz on a YZ250 then it will have ben worth it.

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